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29th September, 2003. 9:40 pm. join(a_girl_in_glass)


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30th August, 2003. 12:08 pm.(therealchris)

i am girl.

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19th May, 2003. 5:25 am. looking at you friend is like looking in a mirror. thats sad, ladies. real sad...(clairevoyance)

i'm not a part of this really.
i just wanted to say you're all like 16, right?
and really REALLY. lame.
haha. crews are for schmuks.
and scmuNKs are for you.

texas is where it's at fools.
sometimes, anyways.

Current mood: cranky.

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19th April, 2003. 7:22 pm.(therealchris)

fuckin' bitches
slappin' hoes
ted bundy.

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9th March, 2003. 9:57 am.(therealchris)



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25th February, 2003. 3:00 am.(beforetheflood)

im naked

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8th February, 2003. 1:35 am.(notyetforgotten)

hey did you know that we are snobs because we keep Danny away from everyone else? Oh yes, we do that. because we only want Danny to be our friend. no joke. So don't even TRY to talk to him.

Love, Katie

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26th January, 2003. 11:10 pm.(therealchris)


beware blahpooh

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20th January, 2003. 12:35 pm.(therealchris)

and you thought it was dead...

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18th November, 2002. 1:07 am.(robbi_is_sxe)


looking forward for december already.


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